November 30, 2020

WorkForce Software’s Secret Sauce for Retention

By parkhyun

When the pandemic struck, WorkForce Software didn’t panic, but it did go into full bunker mode, furloughing 22% of its staff and reducing salaries across the board by as much as 20%. Bonuses for executives and managers were pushed back for several months on Judi online.

Employees companywide – from customer service representatives to engineers – were asked to stay home without pay or reduce their salaries as the software provider figured out what impact the coronavirus would have on its business.

A few months later, 97% of those employees are back, and WorkForce Software is positioned to weather any more COVID-19 pandemic hits that may come. CEO Mike Morini credits the company’s impressive employee retention rate to its focus on transparency and accountability.

“Our employees knew our mission was to bring everyone back,” Morini told “We got very transparent with the employee population early on.”

It didn’t hurt that WorkForce Software has long focused on accountability, whether employees answer phones or develop software. When the time came to step up and sacrifice, the employees were more than willing to do so.

“It’s a testament to our focus on transparency,” Morini said. “With transparency comes accountability. We expected everyone to act as the CEO of their role, and that’s what happened.”