Month: September 2020

September 9, 2020

Cole South Off To An Incredible Start in 2020

In a recent blog posting on, Cole South said that “I’ve been very fortunate to start the year off hot.” According to Judi Online, South is up nearly $3.5 million so far in 2020 on Full Tilt Poker. South, who is a member of “Team Cardrunners”, has been active so far in 2020, putting in a total of 42,282 tracked hands. This works out […]

September 9, 2020

Rowing Prop Bet Next For Dan Bilzerian?

Earlier this year, Dan Bilzerian won a $600,000 prop bet after he successfully on Situs Poker Online from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in less than 48 hours. Bilzerian made the bet with Bill Perkins, who is known for getting people to perform wild tasks in exchange for money. Bilzerian, with the aid of a “support vehicle” that was used to draft, the expertise of […]

September 7, 2020

iPhone X: The Rise of Gestures

Ten years ago, the first iPhone started the mobile revolution and Iphone Cases. In 2009, when we released the first edition of our mobile-usability report, we still had to convince companies that they need a mobile presence. As we release the fourth edition of the same report, the mobile landscape has changed significantly: today it offers not only more diversity but also, not surprisingly, better, […]